Steven Melito


Steven Melito, a 40 plus year history of revolutionary hair design, education and creativity. Steven has trained far and wide in areas including Italy and the US. From his humble beginnings as a young man from the Bronx, NYC, to building one of the best and most sought after hair salons in all of New York. Steven has been a trainer in the field for over 25 years and has produced some of the greatest stylists that work in the industry today.

Steven believes in creating an environment where master stylists can build up stylists that are just starting out. Creating a family of stylists that can grow to meet their own personal and professional goals.

Steven is what some would consider a ninja working in short hair, as a stylist this is one of the hardest lengths of hair to work in. It’s Steven’s belief that finding the challenge in life and hair is the greatest way to bring out your personal best.

Currently at his Concept Salon, Sivana, Steven has over 30 chairs and has cultivated some amazing talent for coloring, styling and helps to set trends in the industry as a whole.

Steven is a father of three boys, an anesthesiologist, a pilot and a school teacher. Steven has taught them something he learned through the creation of his concept salons, “Chase the dream not the dollar”.

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